Tuesday, 17 January 2017

School charity program

Every year charity program, ”taksvärkki”, was carried out from end of November to beginning of December at our school. The idea of “taksvärkki” is, that schools give a day-off to students, if students pay agreed amount money. The money is earned for example by doing households or helping parents with their jobs. The bigger half of collected moneys is given to selected cause, for example to hospitals or elderly care.

At this school year our school chose to use moneys at Joulupuu(“Christmas tree”) -fundraising . Joulupuu-fundraising is every year program on our area. The point of this program is that there are Christmas trees at banks and supermarkets. There are hanging tags on Christmas trees where is written child´s/teenager´s name and age on. Anyone can take these tags, and then buy and pack a gift for this person behind tags. Then gift is returned to the collecting point, and the staff delivers the gifts to kids. With our moneys we bought 22 gifts: eleven for boys and eleven for girls.

The gifts were thought, bought and packed by our schools student government. Other students were also allowed to join every step of the program. Also everyone could follow the proses through our school´s Instagram page.

Written by

Janna Junnonaho

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