Tuesday, 17 January 2017


Every year during the first week of October we have a special week for elderly people. The week includes special events for old people and one of those is SeniorSurf.
SeniorSurf encourages senior citizens to use their mobile phones, computers and the internet. The students of Limingan Lukio have been part of that event for four years. Young people are very smart with the new technology and are able to help the older people.
The SeniorSurf –event takes place in the local library where all visitors are able to use the computers and laptops and tablets for free. Usually the “grannys and granpas” take their own mobile phones with them and are given a private guidance by the students. They are very grateful after learning to use these handy devices: to send messages, to surf on the internet and most of all: to take pictures of their grandchildren and open the pictures that have been sent to them!

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